Try Not to Die: an A to Z of Things That Will Kill You

Published on September 11th, 2014 | by

To finish first, you must first, finish. That’s an old racer’s adage that sums up a lot of life rather nicely, I think. So, here on a site that’s all about surviving the coming water crises, food riots, and flesh eating zombies neighbors, it might be appropriate to rephrase that, a bit. I’m thinking something along the lines of: in order to survive, you must first, survive.

Not as catchy, I know.

Still, the main thing is that you need to make good choices in survival situations – and, if you really think about it, almost every situation is a survival situation. That’s the message in this darkly humorous animation from the guys at College Humor, anyway, who are here to take us on a happy little trip through the A-B-Cs of things that will kill you. So, sit back, enjoy the video, keep an eye out for our friends, dehydration and malaria, and please try your very best not to die.


A Few of My Favorite Things That Will Kill You

Source | Images: College Humor, via Sploid.


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