Titanium 5th Pocket Hex Tool Hits Kickstarter Goal

Published on August 2nd, 2014 | by


There’s a small fifth pocket sewn into the right front of just about every pair of men’s jeans sold today. That fifth pocket was originally for a watch (hence: pocket watch), but the brains behind this titanium hex tool think they have a better idea – and it looks like you agree!

How useful is it? The makers of the 5th Pocket hex tool claim that it can be used as a pry bar, a flathead screwdriver, a small bit driver, a paint can opener, a- um … regular can opener, bottle opener, and also includes four slots that function as wrenches for common imperial bolt sizes.

Happily, there’s also been enough Kickstarter interest to merit a metric version in case, you know, you need that for some reason.

Now, granted- the Titanium 5th Pocket tool probably won’t be as useful in a zombie apocalypse as a leveraxe or a mag-fed shotgun. That said, it’s the only one of the three things I mentioned that will fit in your pocket, so that’s a plus! You can see the 5th Pocket tool in action in this video, made for Kickstarter, below. Enjoy!


Titanium 5th Pocket

Source | Images: Titanium 5th Pocket’s Kickstarter page.


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