Tiny House Made from Big Dumpster

Published on May 9th, 2014 | by


There’s dumpster diving, then there’s this- which, maybe we should call dumpster dwelling? Taking a page from both Gary Pickering’s efforts to build small shelters for homeless people and the tiny house movement, Gregory Kloehn’s Homeless Homes project turns trash bins and other urban waste and turn them into livable, usable, and (most of all!) affordable housing.

You can read more about the Homeless Homes’ dumpster builds in this article originally published to our sister site, Sustainablog, below. Enjoy!


The Dumpster Diving Builder: Gregory Kloehn’s Homeless Homes Project (via sustainablog)

I’ve written about dumpster diving and freeganism for years, but, lately, I’ve really become fascinated by the subject (though I’m still working up the nerve for my first actual dive). I’ve fed this fascination with a couple of really active…



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