Freebie Time: the Cottage Economy, a Post-collapse Survival Guide from 1864

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Whether you want to do right by the planet by living sustainably off-the-grid or you’re prepping for the apocalypse, you’ll probably agree that if you knew all there was to know about running a cottage and getting by in 1864 then you’d be in a pretty good place when the lights went out and your neighbors started eating each other. If you ever stuck in an off-grid situation for the long-haul, then (whether by choice or by necessity) you should probably have the knowledge contained in this handy-dandy e-book at the ready!

It’s called the Cottage Economy. Witten in 1864, the book contains everything you need to know in order to grown your own vegetables, bake your own bread, brew your own beer, grown your own meat, and generally live off the land while providing enough for your and yours to live on – and, if you’re good/lucky, enough to trade with others. You know, like a real society!

You can read the Cottage Economy in full, free e-book form, below, or download a .PDF version at this link. Enjoy, and happy cottaging!


The Cottage Economy, 1864

Source: Google Books, via Reddit.


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