Four Collaborative Consumption Trends Poised To Explode In 2012

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Here at Insteading, we like to explore alternatives to the status quo…especially when those alternatives help us save money, live smaller, get around more efficiently, or reduce waste. Instead of buying new things (even “green” things) we opt for bartering, making, or sharing.

This mindset has grown into its own industry, often referred to as collaborative consumption, or The Sharing Economy.

Times are tough for millions of people around the world, and even those that aren’t struggling are looking for a way off the merry-go-round of consumerism. This need for something different sparked explosive growth among companies and online communities hoping to facilitate more bartering, making, and sharing in 2011…and that growth shows no signs of stopping in 2012.

To help you explore this new and exciting economy, we’re sharing the four collaborative consumption trends poised to explode in the next year. If you think there’s something missing, please share it in a comment!


Ridesharing gets you home for the holidays.

With dozens of new startups popping up around the world matching drivers with riders, and market leaders like Zimride and making massive growth strides, ridesharing will start to go mainstream in 2012 (especially around events). Keep an eye on, and Ridejoy.


Skyara Sells Experiences

Whether it’s scouting for street art or finding hidden culinary holes-in-the-wall with an authentic local guide, unique experience marketplaces will be the first port of call this year. Keep an eye on –VayableGidsy, and Sidetour.


To Do List

Outsourcing your personal workforce through errand or task marketplaces helps you to get things done faster and better – delegate is the buzzword for 2012! Keep an eye on – TaskRabbitZaarly, and Agent Anything.


For Rent Sign

The idea of renting ‘stuff’ has been around a while, but with mobile, location and social tech now in the mainstream, we’re about to see a radical reinevntion of the rental experience. Keep an eye on –RentcycleSnapgoods, and AnyHire

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