Upcycled Find: Rewined Candles Fill Empty Wine Bottles

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Rewined Upcycled Candles

I live in an old house that’s been split into three apartments. Our landlord is kind enough to provide a separate trash can for each tenant, we share a recycling bin. This gives me the chance to (unintentionally) snoop on their recyclables whenever I empty our bin.

One neighbor’s recycling, not sure which, consists almost entirely of wine bottles. Everything time see them sitting there (in plastic bags!) in the bottom of the bin, I have two thoughts:

1) Thank goodness they’re recycling.
2) There are so many other things they could do with these wine bottles besides recycling them.

Of course not everyone has time to spend crafting neat things out of old wine bottles (but if you do, this is the post to read), which is why I was so pleased to see a new company dedicated to reusing them in a creative way.

Rewined Candles, beside having a clever name, is a Charleston-based company that makes scented soy-wax candles in hand-cut recycled wine bottles. Even more interesting is that these aren’t your usual Vanilla and Lavender-scented candles: Rewined Candles are instead carefully blended to mimic the flavors and scents of your favorite vino varietal!

With such an interesting concept, it only makes sense that Rewined would be creative in choosing their packaging as well. But they don’t want any extra credit for choosing to go upcycled.

“Everyone is making things from recycled objects these days,”  said Adam Fetsch, Candle Maker. “Our goal is to make beautifully designed candles with remarkable fragrances that happen to be poured into repurposed wine bottles. Cheers!”

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