Top 4 Peer-To-Peer Carsharing Services

Published on August 8th, 2011 | by

Car sharing  is a great way to eliminate your need for a personal vehicle while ensuring that you have wheels to travel distances that are too far to bike or walk. (It’s also handy in bad weather too).

Commerical car sharing services, like Zipcar or Phillycarshare, are perfect solutions for those living in urban areas, but what about those of us living in the suburbs or even rural areas?

Until population creates enough demand for the big car sharing companies to set up shop, peer-to-peer car sharing is a great way to rent cars from the people around you in a completely legal manner.

If you’re interested in setting up a network of shareable cars in your neighborhood, here are some sites that can help:

GetAroundEnables car owners to safely rent out their underutilized cars by the hour to a community of trusted drivers via a website or mobile app.

RelayRidesNot only do RelayRides start at $5/hr with gas and insurance included, but since the cars belong to your neighbors, they’re conveniently located just down the street.

JustShare It: This soon to launch site will also let you rent out other vehicles, such as RVs, boats, or motorcycles.

WhipCar: A UK-based car club that pairs safe drivers with owners who aren’t using their cars. All WhipCars are independently vetted, ensuring that a bad car won’t ruin your day.

Have you ever tried car sharing? Tell us about it in a comment!

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